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The 2016 X-​TRAINING SERIES is comprised of 5 races designed by some of the fittest people in the UK to test strength, stamina, endurance, mental fortitude and emotional resilience.

Each X-​Training Series individual event has three levels: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Your goal could be to complete a Novice challenge; race and get ranked in the Intermediate challenges; or take on the best X-​Training athletes around in the Advanced challenges. The Series starts in April with the Gorton Grueller challenge in Manchester and ends with the longest running event: Hampshire XT in December.

A X-​Training competition is a place filled with motivation, inspiration, love, knowledge and all the support needed to reach goals you only dreamed of”

Current Rankings

Mens Open

1. Liam Florey (Hampshire XT) 6. Doug Harrison (Burgs XT)
2. Alex Woods (Scotland XT) 7. Ben Cornwell (Bannatynes XT)
3. Paul Morton (Bannatynes XT) 8. Andy Lett (Rochdale XT)
4. AJ Orchard (Royal Marines XT) 9. Robbie Harris (Outdoor XT)
5. Sandy Taylor (Scotland XT) 10. Jon Worthey (Royal Marines XT)

Womens Open

1. Tracy Daives (WGC) 6. Carol Powell
2. Gwen Fennell (Phoenix XT) 7. Julie McGonigal (Scotland XT)
3. Becky Ciel (BXT) 8. Cat Trentham
4. Trudi Hawksworth (Derby XT) 9. Samantha Saunt (Derby XT)
5. Sarah Finnerty (Rochdale XT) 10. Sarah Connolly (BXT)

Mens Inter

1. Kris Scott 6. Adam Trimnell (Outdoor XT)
2. Neil Hill (Gorton XT) 7. Simon Stafford (Bannatynes XT)
3. Brian Jermieson (Gorton XT) 8. Chris Cummins
4. Steve Bailey (Bannatynes XT) 9. Mark McCarthy
5. Jason Harvey (Phoenix XT) 10. Chris Whalley (Gorton XT)

Womens Inter

1. Dal Dhillow (Bannatynes XT) 6. NIcola Ainsworth
2. Emma Knowles (Outdoor XT) 7. Lyndsey Thompson (Scotland XT)
3. Charlie Iles (PF2 XT) 8. Carey Connor (Outdoor XT)
4. Maria Stone (PF2 XT) 9. Sarah Tuffin
5. Stephanie Kyle (Scotland XT) 10. Lisa Roberts

Our Exercises

  • BenchJumpsThumb
    Bench Jumps
  • BenchPressThumb
    Bench Press
  • Bike Thumb
  • Box Step Thumb
    Box Steps
  • WeightCarryThumb
    Farmers Walk
  • Press Ups Thumb
    Press Up
  • Row Thumb
  • TreadmillThumb
  • ShoulderPressThumb
    Shoulder Press
  • SitUpThumb
    Sit Up
  • AST Thumb
    Squat Thrusts
  • AstrideJumpsThumb
    Astride Jumps
  • BurpeeThumb
  • KettlebellSwingThumb

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